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Oi Oi Oi!

I am Mymy Tran, 27 years old, height: 158cm, blood type: 0, likes: Levi Ackermann, dislikes: dubbed Anime.

I’m specialized in anime and manga motifs, which I primarily tattoo in black fineline style. I have long-standing experience with Japanese design, culture and aesthetic (and I spent many sleepless nights watching anime). Those are the defining things contributing to my detailed individual style.

Big or small, arm or leg – I take great pleasure in designing and realizing the original, demanding ideas of my customers.

My unique selling points, I would say, are that nobody else in Germany has a similar tattoo style and that my degree in product design adds a professional background going beyond just the basic tattoo training.

To book an appointment, you can contact me via direct message on Instagram. Please note that I only make appointments during a small window of time when my bookings are open. To avoid missing these time slots, enable notifications on my Instagram page by clicking the bell button.

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